Zvi Rodin Adv. (Z”L)


The Rodin family arrived in Hadera Colony in 1912 and became successful merchants and orchards, as well as members of the colony’s executive committee.

Following his studies at the community school, Zvi Rodin attended Pardes Hana agricultural high school before graduating in 1947 to become a farmer and continue the family’s orchard.

During this period, he joined the “Etzel” (The ‘National Military Organization In the Land of Israel’),

to assist with the distribution of leaflets, contacting, and transferring money from the derailed British “Money Train” robbery near Binyamina.

During his year of service at the ministry of the “Hagana” organization in Hadera, at the height of the “Sezon”, Zvi was kidnapped by the “Hagana”, beaten, and imprisoned in Kibbutz Givat Haim’s basement.

Thereafter, he was anonymously transferred to Kibbutz Gevim in the Negev, which was preparing for the War of Independence and participated in its economic life, enlisting him to the I.D.F.

Tzvi participated in the battles with the Egyptian army, the night evacuation of Nagava’s women and children, the protection of the water pipeline, and the re-occupation of Beer Sheva.

He sustained serious back injuries when his vehicle ran over a mine during an activity. Despite his disability, he never considered claiming compensation from the State of Israel. After his recovery, he was released from the I.D.F. and returned to Hadera.

Zvi enrolled in Law & Economics studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the first class that opened after the War Of Independence, receiving his certification in 1957.

Following his internship, Zvi opened and developed a private practice which he developed and managed for 50 years, in 2021, he received an honorary diploma from the Israeli Bar Of Association for his life work.

During his professional years of legal work, served as Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Bar of Associations in the Haifa district.

Until his last day, he worked diligently and faithfully.

His involvement in public and social enterprises was extensive, including the establishment of the Heart Institute at Hillel Yaffe Hospital, in which he was involved for many years.

Was a founder of the “Khan” museum for the history of Hadera, serving as a volunteer legal advisor for over 30 years.

Zvi’s values to honor Family, Integrity, and Diligence, have led Zvi in his life’s work, and are the very foundation of the Rodin Law Office.